Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Tekvill--Your Bespoke Mobile Application Development Partner

Boost your company’s growth with a high-quality bespoke mobile application suited to your specific requirements. With our expert team in charge of the development process, you are simply going to leverage the power of modern technology to improve your consumers’ digital voyage. Give your target market a distinctive User Experience across all mobile platforms and devices.

Tekvill's step-by-step Mobile App Development Process

Tekvill has developed an ever evolving yet compact process for developing a mobile app, which enables us to deliver top of the line applications over and over again for our multifarious clients. The basic structure of the process is as follows;

Collaborative Ideation Phase

In the ideation phase, we delve into your initial idea, vision, and product goals, conducting thorough market research and analyzing your competition. Additionally, we scrutinize the target audience to tailor the product accordingly. Then, we design the basic architecture and devise a comprehensive deployment roadmap aligning with your company’s aspirations and the needs of your target clients.

User Interface and User Experience Optimization​

Once the project vision is set and the development plan agreed upon, we initiate the UI/UX design process. Our team crafts basic prototypes reflecting user personas from ideation, transforming them into interactive prototypes showcasing app micro-interactions. Aligned with your product goals, our designers ensure the final design maintains consistency with your branding, reflecting your vision.

Quality Assurance in the Development Process

Time to code. Our team employs Agile Methodology for project management. An experienced Project Manager is assigned to prioritize tasks and allocate them to developers who work in task-based sprints. Code is rigorously tested for bugs and errors, promptly rectified by developers. After completion, a rigorous Quality Assurance procedure ensures the app’s flawless functionality.

App Deployment

Following the development and testing stages, we start preparation for the launch of the app, which includes creating a release version of your app and preparing it for distribution on the appropriate app platforms. We constantly monitor the performance and feedback of the app in order to reduce the risk of downtime and guarantee that you app is delivered on time. 

Product Upkeep

At Tekvill, we prioritize building and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients. We take full responsibility for your product’s maintenance and upkeep, ensuring its peak performance over time. Our service includes detecting and resolving any bugs or issues, implementing security measures, and staying updated with the latest tech trends for optimal functionality.


Efficiently Expand Your Team With Tekvill's Staff Augmentation Solutions for Guaranteed Success

Your Bespoke mobile application development Partner

Looking for a mobile development specialist to help you establish your digital presence?  No need to look further, because we have both the skills and the expertise you need to thrive in the mobile industry. Our bespoke app development services will help you build high-tech apps that will help enhance your brand image Don’t waste your efforts in developing below-average solutions. Create your app with a mobile software development firm that understands the process inside out.

Team of Seasoned professionals

Every app development squad is established based on the synergy between the particular expertise of a developer and the specific technical requirements of the project. 

Seamless App Development Process

Strict adherence to clearly established processes for development enables our developers to create exceptional bespoke mobile applications on the dot.

Partnering with Startups and major corporations

Collaborating with a broad spectrum of industries has prepared us to help you achieve your company’s objectives, no matter how large your brand is.

Cross Industry Competence

To create industry-specific solutions, we combine cutting-edge technology with extensive experience in  Health-tech, Blockchain, FinTech and E-Commerce.

Mobile App Development

Boost your mobile traffic with our innovative mobile app development services.

Tekvill's team goes above and beyond to guarantee that you get the most out of your bespoke mobile app. Partner with us to produce aesthetically pleasing and high-performing applications that will fascinate your target audience and keep them returning for more. With our made-to-measure software, you can easily differentiate yourself from your competition, create a strong brand image, increase audience engagement, and boost profitability while you are at it.

Our Mobile Development Case Studies

Legal Ace

Developing Cross Platform Legal Practice Management for Legal Ace

Legal Ace is a forward thinking Legal Practice that had a vision to automate their Practice Management to optimize the performance of their legal teams. Tekvill's team of masterful mobile app developers helped Legal Ace bring their vision to fruition by developing a fully functional, cross-platform, immersive app with multi-app integrations.


Developing DigiMall: The Complete Mall Experience at Home

Digimall wanted to change how retail customers approached online shopping and came up with the idea to bring a variety of brands under one digital roof. Tekvill helped Digimall develop a mobile app that not only optimized inventory integration but also helped in tracking consumer behavior.

Is Bespoke Mobile App Development for You?

Tekvill provides you with the opportunity to choose from different types of collaboration models, team structures, and competencies depending upon the product you want to produce. Over the years, we have created procedures and solutions that will provide the following advantages. 

Devoted Team

We jointly determine the abilities required to finish the project on schedule while staying on budget.

Cost Cutting

Our frameworks, internal resources, and know-how enable us to provide quality on time and within allocated budgets.

Accelerated Development

Expand your team and meet project deadlines faster by taking advantage of the expertise and aspirations of our team members. 

Optimize Your Budget

Our Project Managers report threats, handle estimations, and make revisions whenever the scope of the project shifts.

Fine Tuned Product

We’ll assist you to develop the finest possible product using   code of the highest quality.


You can easily monitor the progress of the team thanks to our meticulous reporting mechanisms setup at every stage of the development process.

UI/UX Design

We always stay focused  on developing the ideal solution that will deliver an unparalleled user experience and ensure maximum engagement.

Minimum Viable Product

You’ll have everything you need to launch the product or secure more funds from your investors in the fastest possible time frame.

Tech Validation

We exclusively use up-to-date reliable technologies to make sure the product is secure, scalable, and reliable. 

Find The Best Mobile App Design Agency For You

We treat your project as if it were our own, which is why we devote so much of our time and resources to making your vision come true. Our top priority is to grasp your idea and collaborate with you to create a web app that fits your standards. Here are some of the reasons that make us the ideal website development company for you.

Dedicated team

Our App Designers have a genuine passion for their work, which is evident in their devotion to staying up-to-date with the latest tendencies and best practices in the industry

Product Design Agency Image 1

Open communication

Total transparency and open communication are our trademarks. All team members can freely share critical information and ideas through the dedicated Slack channel.

Product Design Agency Image 2

Agile Development

To ensure the most efficient development, we use the Scrum methodology. We also continuously evaluate the project goals and cooperate with our clients to introduce suitable modifications.

Product Design Agency Image 3

Budget Management

We’ll carefully estimate the funds for each task and take full responsibility for its management, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the project. We will provide you with regular reports on the project spending and its timeline.

Product Design Agency Image 4

IP Transfer

You obtain full ownership of the Intellectual Property rights for your web app from the very start of our collaboration. So if we create a custom solution for you, we will not reuse or resell it to another client, guaranteeing that your unique ideas are secured.


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