Transforming Legal Practice with Legal Ace


Legal Ace, a forward-thinking legal firm, envisioned a revolutionary Legal Practice Management System to optimize their legal teams’ efficiency, analyse individual performance, and create a streamlined workflow. The system aimed to integrate essential tools such as in-app notifications, calendar synchronization, Microsoft Teams integration, live training modules, white-labelling, concierge onboarding, and dedicated data servers.


Challenges Faced

Complex Tool Integration and Performance Metrics:

Legal Ace faced the challenge of integrating a diverse set of tools seamlessly into their legal practice management system. Ensuring optimal performance, analyzing individual capacity, and boosting team efficiency were paramount, requiring a delicate balance of functionalities.


Technical Implementation:

Tekvill was tasked with developing a robust Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that incorporated the specified features while ensuring a smooth user experience. The technical challenge included employing React Native for cross-platform compatibility, JavaScript for front-end development, Redux for state management, and MySQL for database management.


Solution Provided

Technology Stack Selection:

Tekvill strategically chose React Native for its cross-platform capabilities, allowing a unified experience across devices. JavaScript, known for its versatility, was employed for frontend development, while Redux efficiently managed state throughout the application. MySQL was selected as the database management system, ensuring data integrity and scalability.


MVP Development and Funding Success:

Tekvill successfully developed the MVP, implementing in-app notifications, calendar integration, Microsoft Teams compatibility, live training modules, white-labelling, concierge onboarding, and dedicated data servers. The robust system demonstrated Legal Ace’s vision effectively, enabling them to secure the funding needed to propel the project forward.


Continuous Collaboration and Iterative Improvement:

Tekvill continued its collaboration with Legal Ace, addressing ongoing glitches, refining user interfaces, and incorporating user feedback for iterative improvements. The partnership focused on enhancing features and maintaining a high standard of performance.


Results and Impact

Funding Secured and Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

The successful MVP played a pivotal role in Legal Ace’s fundraising efforts, showcasing the system’s potential impact on legal practice management. The implemented tools and functionalities significantly enhanced operational efficiency, allowing for better team coordination and individual performance analysis.

Sustained Growth and Innovation:

The ongoing collaboration ensured a continuously evolving platform that adapted to the dynamic needs of the legal industry. Legal Ace and Tekvill’s joint efforts resulted in a system that remains at the forefront of legal practice management, incorporating emerging technologies and addressing industry challenges.

Tech Stack:

React Native





PHP Laravel


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