Key Metrics and KPIs to Measure during Software Development

It is necessary to understand the complexities of the software development landscape and the importance of making the right choices when outsourcing your projects. Here are some top metrics and KPIs we use to guide your software development outsourcing projects toward excellence:

Quality Assurance Metrics:
Defect Density: We maintain a sharp focus on software quality by measuring defects per line of code.
Code Review Effectiveness: Our robust code review processes catch issues early, ensuring top-notch quality.

Delivery Metrics:
On-time Delivery: We pride ourselves on meeting project milestones and deliverables as scheduled.
Release Frequency: Our agile practices ensure timely software updates for your success.

Cost Management:
Budget Variance: TekVill keeps your expenses aligned with the allocated budget.
Cost per Function Point: We emphasize cost efficiency based on function points, maximizing your ROI.

Productivity Metrics:
Code Churn: We optimize development processes by closely monitoring code changes.
Customer Satisfaction:
Net Promoter Score (NPS): Your end-users satisfaction is our priority, and we gather feedback to ensure it.
Support Ticket Response Time: The swift resolution of user-reported issues guarantees a seamless experience.

Resource Utilization:
Developer Utilization Rate: We ensure our team utilizes their time effectively, bringing you the best value.
Hardware/Software Utilization: Our infrastructure is maximally utilized for cost-effective solutions.

Quality of Workforce:
Turnover Rate: With a low attrition rate, TekVill provides you with a stable and skilled development team.
Skill Gap Analysis: Our expert developers possess the essential skills for your project’s success.

Security and Compliance:
Security Incident Rate: We maintain stringent security measures, minimizing security breaches.
Compliance Violations: TekVill ensures strict adherence to regulatory requirements for your peace of mind.

Project Health:
Burndown Charts: We keep project progress transparent and on track with our efficient task completion.
Open Issue Count: Swift resolution of issues prevents project bottlenecks and ensures smooth progress.

Return on Investment (ROI):
TekVill calculates the ROI based on your project’s cost and the tangible value it brings to your business.

Partner with TekVill, and together we can harness the power of these metrics and KPIs to create software development outsourcing success. Let’s make your next project a resounding achievement! 

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