SugarCRM Development

SugarCRM Development

Tekvill: Unlock the Full Potential of SugarCRM with Expert Development Services.

Unleash the power of SugarCRM, a robust and flexible open-source CRM platform, with Tekvill's team of certified SugarCRM developers.  We go beyond basic implementation,  customizing SugarCRM functionalities  to  perfectly align with your unique sales process and customer management needs.

Why Choose Tekvill for SugarCRM Development?

At Tekvill, our SugarCRM Development process is a strategic and collaborative journey that transforms your vision into a robust online retail platform.

Certified SugarCRM Developers & Deep Platform Expertise

Our team comprises SugarCRM certified developers with a deep understanding of SugarCRM’s core modules, Studio development framework, and Sugar Logic scripting language. This expertise allows us to configure, customize, and extend SugarCRM to meet your specific requirements.

Module Customization & Business Process Automation

SugarCRM offers a vast library of modules for lead management, opportunity tracking, customer service, and more. Our developers can customize existing modules and develop custom modules using Sugar Studio to accurately reflect your sales process and automate routine tasks. For instance, we can create custom modules for managing product configurations or warranty claims specific to your industry.

Workflow & Campaign Management with Sugar Logic

Sugar Logic empowers automated workflows within SugarCRM. Our developers can leverage Sugar Logic to automate lead nurturing campaigns, trigger task assignments based on sales stage progression, and streamline communication with customers.

Advanced Reporting & Dashboards

Data-driven decision making is crucial. Tekvill can leverage Sugar Dashboards and reporting modules to provide you with real-time insights into sales performance, customer behavior, and campaign effectiveness. We can also create custom reports using Sugar Logic to analyze specific data points relevant to your business goals.

Seamless Integrations & Data Synchronization

A connected CRM is a powerful CRM. Our developers excel at integrating SugarCRM with various third-party applications like marketing automation tools, accounting systems, and e-commerce platforms. We ensure seamless data synchronization between SugarCRM and your other business-critical applications.

Security & Customization with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Data security is paramount. We prioritize robust security configurations within SugarCRM, including user access controls leveraging Sugar’s RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) framework. This ensures that users only have access to the data and functionalities relevant to their roles within your organization.

Find The Best SugarCRM Development Agency

Tekvill understands that successful SugarCRM development requires more than just technical expertise. We offer a comprehensive approach that includes

In-Depth Needs Assessment & Process

We begin by thoroughly analyzing your existing sales process, customer touchpoints, and data landscape. This allows us to identify areas for improvement and recommend the optimal SugarCRM configuration and customization.

Change Management & User Adoption

Effective change management strategies are crucial for maximizing CRM adoption. We work with you to develop a comprehensive training program to ensure your sales team is comfortable and proficient.

Ongoing Support & Continuous Improvement

Tekvill is your trusted partner throughout your SugarCRM journey. We offer ongoing support and maintenance services to address any technical issues, provide system updates, and continuously refine your SugarCRM configuration based on user feedback and evolving business needs.


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