Transforming DesignDesign LLC’s Online Presence with Tekvill

Introduction to Client:


DesignDesign LLC, a Dubai-based interior design firm with a rich legacy spanning over two decades, is celebrated for its distinctive design aesthetic. Despite a wealth of experience in transforming spaces across various sectors including Banks, Offices, Retail Outlets, Hotels, Residentials, and Commercial Projects, the firm recognized the need for a compelling online presence that would align with their design philosophy. Their vision included creating a digital library showcasing their most prestigious work while also integrating a product section for a forthcoming niche product line. Seeking a partner to bring this vision to life, DesignDesign LLC turned to Tekvill.


Challenges Faced:


Showcasing Diverse Portfolio: DesignDesign LLC’s portfolio spanned diverse sectors, making it a challenge to present their extensive range of projects cohesively. The client desired a visually appealing platform that effectively highlighted their work in Banks, Offices, Retail Outlets, Hotels, Residentials, and Commercial Projects.


Incorporating a Product Section: The introduction of a niche product line required a seamless integration within the website. This posed a challenge in terms of design and functionality, as the product section needed to harmonize with the overall aesthetics of the site.


Optimizing User Experience: With a vast portfolio and an upcoming product line, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience was paramount. The challenge was to balance the rich content, including high-quality images and detailed project descriptions, while maintaining quick loading times and navigation.


Solutions Provided:


WordPress Integration: Tekvill chose WordPress as the foundation for the website, providing DesignDesign LLC with a user-friendly content management system. This allowed for the creation of a visually appealing digital library that effectively showcased the firm’s diverse portfolio, ranging from Banks to Commercial Projects.


Customized Product Section: Leveraging PHP and jQuery, Tekvill developed a bespoke product section seamlessly integrated into the website. This section not only complemented the overall design but also provided an intuitive platform for the introduction of DesignDesign LLC’s niche product line.


CrUX Dataset Implementation: Tekvill incorporated the Chrome User Experience (CrUX) dataset to optimize the website’s performance. By leveraging real user metrics, the team ensured swift loading times, contributing to an enhanced overall user experience.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) Integration: To address performance concerns and guarantee efficient content delivery globally, Tekvill implemented jsDelivr, a robust content delivery network.


Responsive Design: Tekvill prioritized responsive design principles, guaranteeing a seamless experience for visitors across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.




The collaboration between DesignDesign LLC and Tekvill resulted in a sophisticated and functional online presence. The website not only showcased the firm’s prestigious work across diverse sectors but also seamlessly incorporated a product section for their upcoming niche line.


With a user-friendly content management system, optimal performance, and a visually appealing design, DesignDesign LLC’s online platform is now a testament to their unique design aesthetic and extensive expertise. Tekvill’s innovative solutions have positioned the client to engage with a global audience and thrive in the competitive online landscape.


Tech Stack:


CrUX dataset




Transforming DesignDesign LLC's Online Presence with a WordPress Website

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