Revolutionizing Property Management with Estatepro

Estatepro  envisioned a comprehensive property management system, empowering owners to efficiently oversee their rentals. Their goal was to streamline tenant communication, issue resolution, rent payments, and incorporate AI-driven functionalities for an enhanced user experience.


Challenges Faced

Complex Requirements:

Estatepro sought a multifaceted solution integrating various functionalities—tenant issue reporting, discussion boards, polls, rent payment, and AI-powered assistance. Accommodating these diverse features posed a significant challenge.


Technical Expertise and MVP Development:

They approached Tekvill seeking an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to showcase their vision. Tekvill needed to devise a robust system that amalgamated UI/UX design, functionality, and database management while ensuring seamless integration.


Solution Provided

Collaborative Approach:

Tekvill undertook a collaborative approach, engaging closely with Estatepro to comprehend their nuanced requirements. This involved comprehensive brainstorming sessions to align expectations with technical feasibility.


MVP Development:

Leveraging PHP Laravel for backend functionality and WordPress for the landing page, Tekvill delivered a scalable MVP. The system encompassed tenant issue ticketing, discussion forums, rent payment integration, and an AI-driven model for query resolution.


Continuous Enhancement:

The success of the MVP led to a long-term partnership spanning four years. Tekvill continued to work alongside Estatepro, progressively enhancing features, refining user interfaces, and integrating advanced AI algorithms to elevate the platform’s efficiency.


Results and Impact

Funding Success:

The delivered MVP played a pivotal role in Estatepro’s funding efforts, attracting investments due to its innovative approach and functional capabilities.


Sustained Collaboration and Growth:

Over four years of collaboration, the platform evolved significantly, catering to evolving market needs. The continuous enhancement ensured sustained user engagement and a competitive edge in the property management sector.


Positive User Feedback:

Users appreciated the intuitive interface, seamless issue resolution, and the convenience of engaging through discussions and polls. The AI-based query resolution system garnered positive feedback for its accuracy and promptness.


This case study showcases how Estatepro’s vision, combined with Tekvill’s technical expertise, culminated in a successful MVP and a sustained partnership, resulting in continuous innovation and growth in the property management domain.


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