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Repfitness, a prominent US-based fitness equipment manufacturer and distributor, prides itself on innovation in designing top-tier fitness gear. With an expanding operation spanning multiple states, Repfitness sought to revamp its online presence. The company aimed to develop a robust web store capable of accommodating their growing product range and effectively handling surges in web traffic.

Challenges Faced:

As Repfitness experienced exponential growth, several challenges emerged:


The existing web infrastructure couldn’t efficiently handle the increasing product line and sudden spikes in online visitors during peak periods.

Diverse Product Range:

Repfitness needed a platform capable of showcasing their diverse inventory effectively, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly browsing and purchasing experience.

Performance Issues: T

he previous web store encountered performance issues due to high traffic, affecting page load times and user experience.

Solutions Provided:

To address Repfitness’s challenges and elevate their online platform, Tekvill employed a comprehensive tech stack and implemented strategic solutions:

Magento 2 Implementation:

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Magento 2, Tekvill established a flexible and scalable e-commerce platform. This allowed for effortless management of the expanding product range while enhancing the overall user experience.

Elasticsearch Integration:

By integrating Elasticsearch, Tekvill significantly improved search functionality. This empowered users to efficiently explore Repfitness’s extensive catalog with enhanced search accuracy and speed.

Utilization of PHP, CSS, and JavaScript:

Tekvill utilized these programming languages to customize and optimize various aspects of the web store, ensuring responsiveness, speed, and a visually appealing interface.

Knockout.js and Require.js Integration:

Leveraging the power of Knockout.js and Require.js, Tekvill enhanced the frontend functionality, enabling dynamic and responsive elements that elevated the user interface.


The collaboration between Repfitness and Tekvill resulted in a transformational web store:

Enhanced Scalability:

The new infrastructure accommodated Repfitness’s growing product line and effectively managed fluctuations in web traffic, ensuring a seamless browsing and purchasing experience for users.

Improved User Experience:

By optimizing performance and implementing responsive design elements, the web store provided a smoother, more engaging experience for customers, enhancing retention and conversion rates.

Streamlined Product Discovery:

The integration of Elasticsearch facilitated efficient and accurate product searches, enabling customers to find desired items swiftly amidst the extensive inventory.


Tekvill’s strategic implementation of Magento 2, Elasticsearch, and various frontend technologies successfully addressed Repfitness’s challenges. The collaboration resulted in a highly scalable, functionally responsive web store that not only accommodated the company’s rapid growth but also enhanced the overall user experience, positioning Repfitness as a leader in the online fitness equipment market.


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