Happy Meal Prep – Food Order Management System

HappyMealPrep is a meal preparation and delivery service that offers nutritious and customized meal plans to its customers. Tekvill collaborated with HappyMealPrep to develop custom WooCommerce plugins, including cooking report generation, label printing, and a chef dashboard.


Cooking Reports:

HappyMealPrep required a streamlined process for generating cooking reports to facilitate efficient meal preparation. This involved consolidating recipe details, ingredient quantities, and cooking instructions into a printable format.

Label Printing:

The platform needed an automated label printing solution that would allow for the quick and accurate labeling of meal containers with customer-specific details such as names, dietary restrictions, and delivery dates.

Chef Dashboard:

HappyMealPrep wanted a centralized chef dashboard that would provide chefs with an intuitive interface to manage recipes, track meal plan orders, and view cooking schedules.


Cooking Report Generation:

Tekvill created a plugin that integrated seamlessly with HappyMealPrep’s Woo Commerce platform, enabling the automatic generation of cooking reports. The plugin extracted recipe details and transformed them into printable formats, saving chefs valuable time and streamlining the meal preparation process.

Label Printing Automation:

Tekvill developed a label printing plugin that allowed HappyMealPrep to automate the printing of customer-specific labels for meal containers. This plugin extracted order details from Woo Commerce, generated printable labels with accurate information, and optimized the labeling process.

Chef Dashboard:

Tekvill designed and implemented a chef dashboard using PHP within WooCommerce, providing chefs with a user-friendly interface to manage recipes, track orders, and view cooking schedules. The dashboard improved collaboration and coordination among chefs, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.


Streamlined Meal Preparation:

The cooking report generation plugin significantly reduced the time and effort required to prepare meals by automating the consolidation and formatting of recipe details. Chefs could access printable reports quickly, leading to more efficient meal preparation.

Enhanced Labeling Efficiency:

The label printing automation plugin eliminated manual data entry and ensured accurate labelling of meal containers. This improved order accuracy, reduced errors, and saved time in the labelling process.

Improved Chef Productivity:

The chef dashboard provided a centralized platform for chefs to manage recipes, track orders, and view cooking schedules. This streamlined communication and coordination among the culinary team, resulting in improved productivity and better collaboration.

Business Growth:

Tekvill’s custom Woo Commerce plugins improved operational efficiency, resulting in faster meal preparation, accurate labelling, and enhanced chef productivity. This contributed to increased customer satisfaction, repeat business, and ultimately, business growth for HappyMealPrep.

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Happy Meal Prep - Food Order Management System

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