Happy Meal Prep – Food Order Management System


HappyMealPrep is a meal preparation and delivery service that offers nutritious and customized meal plans to its customers. Tekvill collaborated with HappyMealPrep to develop custom WooCommerce plugins, including cooking report generation, label printing, and a chef dashboard


Streamlined process for generating cooking reports
Automation of label printing solution for meal containers
Centralization of chef dashboard with an intuitive interface to manage recipes, track orders & view cooking schedules

Results Achieved

Streamlined Meal Preparation
Enhanced Labeling Efficiency
Improved Chef Productivity
Business Growth

Cooking Reports Generation

Tekvill created a plugin integrated with WooCommerce platform to automatically generate cooking reports

Label Printing Automation

Tekvill developed a label printing plugin that automated the printing of customer-specific labels for meal containers

Chef Dashboard

Tekvill designed and implemented a chef dashboard using PHP within WooCommerce, providing chefs with a user-friendly interface

Tech Stack

Custom Plugin Developmet
Theme Development
Google Analytics
Cloud Deployment

Happy Meal Prep - Food Order Management System

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