Revolutionizing E-commerce Operations for Baroque.

Baroque is a renowned online retailer specializing in premium ethnic wear. Tekvill collaborated with to develop a custom WooCommerce website from scratch, providing comprehensive inventory and product catalogue management, as well as theme development.


Custom E-commerce Platform: required a robust and scalable e-commerce platform tailored to their unique needs, reflecting their brand identity and showcasing their extensive range of ethnic wear.

Inventory and Product Catalog Management:

Managing a vast inventory of fashion products, including variations and frequent updates, presented a significant challenge for They needed an efficient system to manage stock levels, update product information, and handle product variations seamlessly.


Custom WooCommerce Website Development:

Tekvill built a customized WooCommerce website from scratch for This involved creating a visually appealing design, ensuring seamless navigation, and optimizing the website’s performance. The website was tailored to’s requirements, showcasing their brand and products effectively.

Comprehensive Inventory and Product Catalog Management:

Tekvill developed a robust inventory and product catalog management system within WooCommerce. This enabled to efficiently manage their extensive inventory, track stock levels, update product information, handle variations, and sync inventory across multiple channels.

Theme Development:

Tekvill designed and developed a custom theme for, aligning it with their brand identity and enhancing the visual appeal of the website. The theme reflected the unique aesthetic of’s ethnic wear collection, contributing to an immersive and engaging shopping experience.


Streamlined E-commerce Operations:

The custom WooCommerce solution revolutionized’s e-commerce operations. The user-friendly website interface, coupled with efficient inventory and product catalogue management, simplified their day-to-day operations, reducing manual effort, and enhancing productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The visually appealing design and intuitive navigation of the custom WooCommerce website elevated the shopping experience for’s customers. The seamless browsing, detailed product descriptions, and streamlined checkout process contributed to increased customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Scalability and Growth:

Tekvill’s custom WooCommerce solution provided with a scalable platform to accommodate their future growth. The flexible architecture allowed for the addition of new products, categories, and variations, enabling to expand their offerings and cater to evolving customer preferences.

Efficient Inventory Management:

The robust inventory management system within WooCommerce empowered to effectively track stock levels, manage product variations, and synchronize inventory across multiple channels. This streamlined inventory management reduced errors, ensured accurate stock information, and prevented overselling or stockouts.

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